Angel of Life T.S.

The Company Angel of Life was created as a result of inspiration from communication with Horses and Horse Riding! Step by Step line appeared and the Brand Strategy was developed! All started from just one position it was Sweater for ride horses and just for walking with the Horse! Then came our first cotton T-shirts and Polo with inspirational names Inspirational Horse Riding, Energized and Lucky, Model on the Horse! Our Brand Company began to develop in creation of Sport Clothes and other Models emerged!

We began to create not just sports and comfortable models, but such things that have their own recognizable style, which is characteristic of our brand; we think over everything to the smallest detail in the creation of a product, we test it for strength, endurance! So we want to satisfy the needs of the client and are constantly developing in this sphere!

The Angel of Life brand concept was fully formed and approved in November 2019! And it its include not only Clothes for Riding, but for Sport, Moto Riding and Street Car Riding! And We Go on to develop!

Then the initials T.S were added to the name and subsequently the Brand Angel of Life branched out into Angel of Life and Angel of Life -T.S; development does not stop and we try to keep up with the times; both names make up the Brand Angel of Life, and include various niche segments, both luxury and the vast consumer market.

2018 — Our Story Begin.......
The Brand Company Angel of Life-T.S was created in November 7th, its oficially Date of Our Birthday Party. We start to Develop in field of creation Our Brand and Company from 7th of November 2018!
2019 — Our Story Goes On
So it took us one year to fully form the concept of the company and on 7th of November 2019 it was fully approved! So We continue to develop and making the best of Us to Satisfy Your Wishes!
Our Brand Company has introduced a few fashion trends in design development. This concerns the fabrics and the appearance of products, and the approach to advertising the company's Brand, whose faces are three models - riders - beautiful stylish Angels of the company Angel of Life-T.S!
Fashion... fashion trend, catwalk and beautiful angel models, sounds very stylish and tempting! fashionable radiance only in glamorous parties, chic parties and in the circle of people who have a fashionable lifestyle ?! In our case, the tendency to strive for a fashionable manifestation in everyday life and in your favorite pastimes and in sports activities! that's why we try to express the notes of the fashion trend in our production!
Comfort....... We use phrase easy to wear, because of Our Brand Comfortable Clothing Models! express yourself in all areas of life! choose those things that are comfortable and convenient! every item of our brand is tested for strength and endurance, and it is easy to move in them! So You receive maximum satisfaction and benefit from Your activity ! And We also tried to make such models that have a multifunctional ability, that is, it is suitable for sports, and for everyday life, and for relaxation, and for an evening promenade etcetera......